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Star Wars - WIRED x John Lewis


DIRECTOR: James Morton-Haworth

DOP: Tiago Kingwell

ART DIRECTOR: Paulina Rzeszowska​

ROLE: Art Assistant



LittleBits Star Wars™ Droid Inventor Kit | WIRED x John Lewis

WIRED unboxes, builds and does battle with the John Lewis Star Wars™ toy range – this time with the littleBits Star Wars™ Droid Inventor Kit. Part one in a four part series.

Propel's Collector's Edition Star Wars Drones | WIRED x John Lewis

WIRED joins the dark side and goes to battle aboard Darth Vador’s Star Fighter- this time with Propel’s Collector’s Edition Star Wars™ Drone. Part two in a four part series.

WIRED Race with Star Wars™ Sphero Droids | WIRED x John Lewis

Watch WIRED go head-to head with Star Wars™ Sphero Droids in a galactic space battle of good versus evil - but which force will win?

The Ultimate Jedi Experience with Star Wars: Jedi Challenges | WIRED x John Lewis

Sponsored by John Lewis: Here's the ultimate gift for any Star Wars fan. The Star Wars: Jedi Challenges package includes an authentic replica lightsaber and an augmented reality headset, so you can chop down droids and battle Darth Maul as if they were standing in your own living room.

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